Often called "America's Suburbs," the San Fernando Valley is extraordinarily diverse, both culturally and economically.

It embodies the aspirations, consumption, and the complex social legacy of the last 75 years of American industry, especially car culture, alongside mall and residential development.

Largely incorporated into L.A., while also divided geographically by other cities and counties, it is as populous as any major individual city, with about 2 million inhabitants. 

The Valley is host to businesses, organizations, and educational efforts that are major environmental leaders, including:

Earth Island and Follow Your Heart, CSUN's groundbreaking Sustainability Center, Tree PeopleFood ForwardThor Trucks, and the Vegan Street Fair in North Hollywood.

And like anywhere, it has clear environmental vulnerability: fires, heat waves, droughts, tree death, and non-native species. 

Put all of this together

and what we do in the Valley is not just preservation and beautification of our neighborhoods but a ringing signal to the rest of the world!

Organizer Miles Lewis also directs the

Valley Art Workshop, where we host a number of the Valley Green meetings, and is on the board of directors of 11:11 A Creative Collective. 

We believe that creating beautiful things and saving beautiful things make up humanity's noblest pursuit.